Montag, 5. April 2010

Books: Special Post: Jack Ketchum

My first "Special Post" but certainly not the last. This is about Jack Ketchum

Hide and Seek, I have a other cover of Hide and Seek and surprise surprise it´s signed -I´m not kidding.
Dark Voices is the third Audio Book appearance of such a Audio Book thing "smile" And there´s a book thereby and this one is also signed "smile"

How could I explain how I get this two things from him? You think I just bought it on amazon right? No, that´s not true at all. I´ve got it from a very nice guy in NY City who has thousands thousands such book from Jack Ketchum and more authors, and he has it all signed and in a special copy. We get it contact - and we still stay in contact- and talked about Ketchum, he sent me a list of the books he have, and at least he sent me those books. I´m happy to have it, because how could I say that? Hide and Seek is a very thrilling story and such a good one too. So I have it second hand but signed from Ketchum himself.
And "father and Son" on of the stories in the Audio Book is a story I never expected to get, but I have it, in a special copy because I have a tiny book -signed- and a CD in wich Ketchum himself tells the story ( Father and Son and Forever)
His voice is just so dark and so damn frightened for me ...

So this was the special post about him, but there is more on his site, go and watch it!
I love to have the story´s "apsinth" and "The transformed mouse"

XOXO Bigi, maybe I get them anyway... Have a nice day!!!


  1. Du hast mir gar nix erzählt von dem Typen aus NY!! Musst du mir UNBEDINGT nochmal alles erzählen!!

  2. hey ja klar mach ich gern...
    lg biggs