Montag, 5. April 2010

Books: The picture of Dorian Gray , Beautiful Creatures

The Picture of Dorian Gray( 100% Cotton Version in green) Jeah right, I have this copy of it.
So where sould I start here? I mean it´s Dorian Gray, so everyone knows him and his story. Because of that, I want tell the story of the book, I hope you understand that.
My opinion:
I´m happy to have read it at least, I mean I want to read it for sooo long but I don´t bought it, but know just for 2.50€ , that´s nothing and so I read it.
At first I´ve had a few problems to understand all of it, but after a while I get in the story and it get more clear to me, what is it about or what they talking. So I just say, it´s Dorian Gray, it´s from Oscar Wilde and I really think It´s worth reading it!

I´ve read it in englisch, I don´t even know if it´s released in german. So what can I say about this fantasy book? I can tell that it is a really good written book, the story is good, thrilling and and just great.
This book is about a girl and a boy who fell in love with each other, I know this sounds just like 1000 books just new written and at the beginning it was just like that, and I was thinking "Gosh, she really read Twilight." But after a few more sites, it turned to a whole new thing, and i get excited about the srory more and more. So what is it about? Like I said, about a girl and a boy named Lena and Ethan, she´s new at school -smile- and he´s kind of a fancied guy at his school. But at this moment, it is completely different from Twilight or books like Vampire Diaries and such books, 1 there´re no Vampires in it and 2 it´s just different.
At first, they don´t like each other, or should I say, she don´t like him? But after a while, it just fits very well. They´re not really a couple but in the other way, they aren´t just friends. I can talk so much about this book, so much happened at this one, but I wan´t tell the whole story here, so I say STOP here! Just one thing at the end, things go complicated at least, and there´s no way out of that.
*This book is written in Ethan´s point of view, so you see his sight of the story.

At least I found out, that this is a series, a book-series with 5 books in it. So there will be more about Lena and Ethan soon. 2 book called "Beautiful Darkness" and will be released on
Okt 26th, 2010 .

XOXO Bigi, hope you write something back

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